Gifts in a Jar

Basically, you put all the dry ingredients in a quart-sized jar, layering them in attractive fashion, cap the jar, rubber-band a decorative fabric circle on the jar top, and finish it off with a ribbon that ties on the rolled up Instructions Card for jar recipient.

We've even shared this activity with our homeschool group at a craft fair day where the kids went through an assembly line to make their own jars. We had 43 kids do this one day!

You can pretty much do this to any recipe that will fit in a jar with ingredients that keep on a shelf. We've used both quart-sized jars and pint-sized jars (for half-recipes). Most recipes I find online under "recipes gifts in a jar" type of search, then I modify to our personal taste, substituting whole wheat flours and unrefined sugars.

Here are two of our favorites that we've tried:

Cowboy Cookie Mix in a Jar:

This was a great recipe I found on . Here are the instructions and tags to print for each jar:

PINT sized version

QUART sized version

Here is one version the signs I used for each station in the assembly line of pint sized jars we made a craft day. The signs helped the kids to work fairly independently.

Here is a second version of the signs we used another time, giving the kids an option for a quart sized jar with double the layers.

Ultimate Brownie Mix in a Jar:

My favorite brownie recipe -- the chewy fudgy kind (not the baked, cake-like kind). And it is unleavened. Makes a great gift -- who doesn't like chocolate?

Ultimate Brownie in a Jar Instructions

Gift Tag to attach to Jar for Ultimate Brownies (two tags actually, one to keep and one to give)

The recipe by itself to make without the jar!