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Read the Bible using a listening game

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Reading with a listening game

Reading the Bible aloud as a family can be very enjoyable, UNLESS you’ve got a handful of little people who are demanding your attention and can’t sit still for more than 30 seconds!

Read on to get some great tips for using listening games for reading bible books and training the listening habit in a fun way.

The Listening Game

I found the listening game 15 years ago when my boys were little. I would love to give credit to whoever is the source of the idea for the game, but I had to remake the instructions from memory since I lost the original source.


Basically, you read your story with the game board in hand and put markers on the board when you hear the word read aloud. Kind of like bingo, but you just keep piling markers on the board.

Use of edible “markers” like raisins or chocolate chips can be highly motivational to some children.

You can find full instructions of how to play at my homeschooling and learning website Self Educating Family.

Meanwhile… some goodies

I’ve added two new listening gameboards to the Freebie library, which you can access by signing up for my newsletter below.

The Jonah game board was from 15 years ago and the Ruth game board is new to go along with my Ruth study series.

Jonah Game Board

Ruth Game Board

Get access to the Freebie Library


What do I need to use this game?

You will need:

  • 1 game board per player
  • Assorted Markers such as raisins, chocolate chips, nuts, pennies, etc.
  • The Bible book to read aloud

How do I use the board?

To Play:

  1. Print one copy for each player.
  2. Read the Bible Book.
  3. Place a marker in the grid box each time the player hears the word read aloud.
  4. Have fun.


Using listening games for Bible books can be a nice way to change things up a bit. And it’s a fun way to help your littles learn to tune in to what is being read.

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